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Daisy - The Beginning
Daisy was born on August 16, 2014. However, her eyes did not open leaving her blind. Her breeder needed to find a home for her and I was very fortunate to be chosen. I adopted Daisy on January 22, 2015.

This is how Daisy looked before she was groomed for the first time. Her eyes never opened as a pup and so she was blind from the beginning. I was very fortunate to have been chosen to adopt her. After the move to my home she was a little afraid of things at first, but it did not take her long to fit right in and she is such a happy little dog.

Daisy's Family

Jackie H.
I am thrilled to have Daisy as part of our family. She is an amazing little dog. She adapts so well to our routine and is always ready to play. She is a quick learner and was house trained within a couple of days. I think her breeder had something to do with this.

Baxter is her new brother
Baxter is a 16 year old West Highland White Terrier. He walks a little slower and his sight and hearing are limited, but he still likes to play for short periods of time. Daisy plays with him when she can but when Baxter has had enough she leaves him be.

General Information

Training, Toys and Socialization for Blind Puppies

I have found that it is important to focus on Daisy's other senses of smell, hearing, taste and touch for training her. House training went really well and she learned really fast. I think this was due to how she was trained by the breeder and reinforced when I adopted her. I was still really surprised at how fast she learned.

A site that provides really useful information about training, toys and socialization, is blinddogs.com. Just click the link below. Link opens in new window.

Senior Dogs - Blindness and More

Baxter is my older dog. He has just turned 16 years old. He is in good health other than just being older. He certainly less active, can't see or hear as well, and slow when walking, but still a good dog. There are some good articles on the Internet about senior dogs that can be very helpful.

One such site is 2ndchance.info. Just click the link below. Link opens in new window.


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