Playful Puppy Palace - A Personal Review
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Dogs Playing at the Off-Leash Dog Park
Playful Puppy Palace - A Daycare for Small Dogs

Lisa and her pack at the park She handles her group with such ease.

Lisa is all fun for her dogs No wonder Lisa can create so much fun for the dogs. She enjoys life.

All eyes are on Lisa All eyes are on her even if she is just tossing the poop bags in the can.

A Personal Review of The Playful Puppy Palace

I don’t know the Playful Puppy Palace or Lisa on a personal basis, but I have had the opportunity to see her at the Clayton Off-Leash Dog Park with her pack. I found her to be very helpful with advise on how to assist my own dog with socialization at the park. She is always ready to share knowledge with others.

Lisa is a true pack leader and takes her job seriously. All dogs in her care are special to her and receive her unique leadership both one-on-one and as a group.

The Playful Puppy Palace is more than just a daycare. The dogs receive training and socialization in a loving respectful environment. Her dogs play well within her pack and with other dogs at the park.

The day care gives the dogs the confidence to deal with new situations. Shy and timid dogs gain confidence and trust with other dogs. The dogs go home happy and content from a day of physical activity and mental stimulation.

Lisa is an avid photographer and takes photos of the dogs in her care as they interact and play each day. Visit her Facebook page (link below) and view the many photos she has taken to date and see for yourself just how happy her pack is. I see them first hand at the park and it is really wonderful to watch them and so amazing to see just how well they all are together and with the other dogs at the park. I just can’t say enough about my admiration for such a skilled dog leader.

Recently, I had a number of appointments, which was going to mean, daisy would have to wait in the car for lengthy periods, or be left at home. For her safety I would have had to cage her. Leaving her at home with or without caging her just was not an option. I would not have been able to focus on the things I had to do without worrying about her.

For my peace of mind and knowing that she would be safe, cared for and having a great time, was the Playful Puppy Palace. What a treat for her and me, and such a great new experience for Daisy. I can now feel good about any time I have to be away from home. Thank Playful Puppy Palace.

If you have a small breed dog, and don’t want your dog to be left at home alone, becoming bored and perhaps getting into mischief, Playful Puppy Palace might be just the place for your little dog. Giving your dog enough exercise makes him/her happy, content and well-mannered.

I trust the Playful Puppy Palace with my dog Daisy. That is how confident I am in recommending them to any one who cares a great deal for their dog and only wants the best for them.

For more information, visit the Playful Puppy Palace and contact Lisa by sending her a 'Message' (at the top of her page).

All eyes are on Lisa

Quote "Dogs have owners, cats have staff." - Anonymous

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