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First Night

Daisy and Baxter hit it off the very first day and that night, well this photo tells it all.

First Grooming

She shook through the whole procedure.

The Park Is Overwhelming

At first the off-leash dog park was an overwhelming and scary place for Daisy. However, over the following weeks she gained confidence.

Daisy's Friend Mugsy

Daisy plays with Mugsy almost every day at the park.

Baxter - Daisy's New Brother

What a great dog. 16 years old and still going.

Daisy Goes to the Park

Going to the off-leash dog park was a new experience for both Daisy and myself.

After The Park

Sometimes Daisy dose not even get to her bed before she decides to take a nap after being at the park.

Daisy's Friend Parker

Parker was much smaller than Daisy when they first started playing together.

General Information

A Photo Album About Daisy

This is Daisy's photo album. The photos on these pages relate to Daisy personally and is to track her growth and events in her life. It is an on going collection of photo graphs and new photos will be added periodically to follow her progress and development.

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