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1. Daisy's Early Days At The Park

      March 2015

Okay, so my videoing needs work! A LOT! I didn't realize how fast dogs could be. I can't redo these videos so just have to take them the way they are. CRAPPY!

For anyone that is interested, this video log of Daisy, helps to see how she progresses as she spends more and more time at the park.

2. Daisy's Interaction At The Park

      March 2015

Daisy has showed some progress even in the first few days of visiting the park. I might add here that it has also been really great for me as well.

As I review these video's I see how much better she is able to play and follow the others dogs. Her confidence is also improving as a result. The park visits are now an every day trip.

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The videos are to view Daisy's progress as she learns to play, her training, socialization and other aspects of her life. Watch the videos over time to see how her other senses become stronger and play an important role in her life.

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